Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Puzzle Addiction

I'm pretty over Suduko. I still do them time to time for mental exercise, but the addiction is gone. All the same, I was looking for some to print out for occupying 13-year-olds on a 14 hour flight.

And I found a new addiction. Check out these logic picture puzzles from Conceptis. You can work them online or print them out. They also have mazes, Kakuro, Hitori, and Slitherlink Puzzles, and of course Suduko.


Hidden Wizard said...

DAMN! Another one? You're killing me (us)!

Lauri said...

Oh, that made me remember another one I've been meaning to post!

Panini said...

69 seconds . . . I think the genius comment is just there to make us want to play their game. :)
(There's not a comment box for your last post, so this is for that)